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The Hora_User Role

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Certain users may find most of the pages in the DBA collection to be blocked — other than the Dictionary page.

This limitation was built into Hora to allow administrators a convenient way either to allow or prevent users from viewing certain information about the database—most of which comes from the DBA_ Data Dictionary views. The HoraUser.sql script, located in the folder in which KeepTool was installed, defines the HORA_USER role and grants it to SYSTEM. The script can be modified to grant HORA_USER to other users at the same time;  the role can also be granted later on, on a user-by-user basis.

If a user has been granted either the HORA_USER role or the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege, Hora can query the Data Dictionary to determine whether a transaction has just been completed. At these times, the Commit and Rollback buttons, located at the top left of all of Hora's pages, are disabled. They are automatically re-enabled when a new transaction begins.

On the other hand, if a user does not have either HORA_USER or SELECT ANY DICTIONARY, the buttons are always enabled. This means that a COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement can be generated at any time—even at times when there is no work to be committed or rolled back, and the command would have no practical effect.

The Hora_User role is continually updated as modifications are made to our software. At times, you will need to drop and create the role again in order to use certain features of our software. The role should always be kept up-to-date so that the full functionality of our software is available to you.