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Start Log Miner

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The dialog allows you to start the Log Miner. You can enter the following information:

Start and end SCN

Start and end time

Dictionary file name. Be sure you have created the file using the Create Dictionary dialog, unless you are using the Dict from online catalog or Dict from Redo Logs option.

Options: the various options seen in the dialog are described in detail in the Oracle documentation, as well as in the comments for the DBMS_LOGMNR package. They are represented as BINARY_INTEGERs when the Start Log Miner procedure is called.

We strongly urge you to keep the filter values for SCN and time as restrictive as possible.

After the OK button is pressed, the Log Miner will be started. See the description on the sys.dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr procedure in the Oracle documentation for further details.