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About Hora

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Our Flagship Tool

Hora is KeepTool's flagship product for viewing and manipulating Oracle databases, serving a variety of users. Primarily designed for both DBA's and developers, it can also make the end user's life easier when executing queries or producing reports. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the ability to preview SQL before execution, Hora requires little or no training before becoming productive.

Hora's object-oriented navigation system takes you to any database function within a few clicks.

Hora is compact. Everything you need to work with the database is in a single tool. Start-up time and resource usage are minimal.

Import/Export Facility

Added as part of the upgrade from Version 5 to Version 6, the Import and Export Wizards permit users to import from such formats as Microsoft Excel, DBF, XML, and text; and to export to these formats and to Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML—just to name a few.

In other words, there is no more need to create comma-delimited files as an intermediate step when moving data into or out of the database in order to interface with end users.

Reporting Facility

Hora now offers a reporting tool that lets you choose between applying default formatting to tables, views, and query results, or calling on a designer that lets you specify precise formatting and positioning on the page. You can save the format for use at a later time, and you can save the actual report in a variety of formats, including PDF and HTML.


MDI techniques make Hora easier than ever to use. The window that you choose from the Sidebar can appear alone, or can be tiled with others. For example, you can execute PL/SQL in one window while looking at table contents in another. You can also cascade windows to enable fast switching.

Oracle 12c support

Hora includes support for 12c features such as support for Container Databases.

SQL Scratchpad

For each individual user or workgroup, Hora maintains a list of frequently used SQL commands in the Windows file system. These can be arranged by topic, using a tree structure, and selected for execution at any time. The parser can interpret both SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks. The output window can be used to display an updatable query results grid, an execution plan, or DBMS_OUTPUT. The SQL Query Builder can automatically generate SELECT statements from multiple tables or views with the appropriate joins.

An Efficient SQL editor

The integrated SQL editor shows syntax through color coding and allows the user to create professional-looking code. Functions such as indentation and commenting of code are built into the editor.

SQL Preview, SQL Recording

Hora generates SQL code for every proposed change to the database. By activating SQL Preview, you can examine the SQL statement and modify it before execution. These SQL instructions can be recorded  in a log file. In this way, all changes to database objects can be replicated in another database.

PL/SQL Development

Hora supports the development of packages, procedures, functions,  and trigger code. Compiles can be started directly from the editor, and if syntax errors occur, the exact location will be highlighted.

Color-coding of status

Status information in Hora windows is color-coded, with black denoting a normal state. An object that is not available, or disabled items, are shown in gray. Red indicates an error, or something that demands attention.

Performance monitor

Inadequate database performance is often caused by improper memory management. Hora shows you several critical cache ratios as well as otherimportant system information in graphical form, with a horizontal line indicating the threshold that Oracle has defined as critical.

You should make sure that current and average values do not exceed Oracle's  recommended limits.

User, roles and profiles

You can create and drop users, and assign profiles, roles and privileges to them.

Database administration

Hora shows the current state of redo log files, SGA, initialization parameters and library, row and database caches. The percentage of tablespace use is shown graphically. With Hora, you can create and drop tablespaces and datafiles, start and stop jobs, start and stop auditing, and define and assign consumer groups.

Lock and session manager

You can use Hora to display all sessions in an instance, their current status, locks that have been requested and acquired, the current SQL instruction, and much more. The lock-wait graph shows you the hierarchy of individual sessions that may be waiting on each other, so that you can easily determine which session may be tying up the database  and kill it if necessary.

Dictionary browser

The Data Dictionary browser gives you both a tabular and single-record display of the entire data dictionary's structure and  contents.

Displaying and updating data

Hora shows you the selected table or view's data in both tabular and record-oriented format. With a single mouse click, data can be sorted by any defined index. You can update, delete, or insert rows. Hora  offers an integrated table look-up function using defined relationships,  a row-duplication function, and a memo field editor for VARCHAR2 columns greater than 255 bytes, LOB's and RAW columns.

Referential integrity

Hora gives you a relational overview of your database. Diagrams show you the parent | child relationships between tables. Automatic access to lookup tables referenced through foreign keys is available during data entry and afterwards. The SQL Query Builder automatically creates join clauses. Foreign-key relationships can be created or dropped through a graphic interface.

Management of database objects

Virtually all required database objects (tables, views, procedures, sequences, triggers, etc.) can be displayed, created, updated or dropped. You can also rename or drop table columns.

HTML-based Documentation

Using Hora's built-in HTML Documentation Generator, you can generate a description that describes all objects, including PL/SQL objects, in the database. References between objects are shown as hyperlinks. You can link Hora's documentation to other project documentation on your intranet.

Generating DDL scripts

Hora generates SQL scripts containing all the DDL needed to create your database, or any object within it.